Official conference language and language which contributions are accepted in is English.
  • Exchange of experiences in utilization of advanced ICT for education
  • Development of a multidisciplinary platform for information exchange in research and development of multimedia and hypermedia applications, in a complex computer support of learning and in new telecommunication services
  • Creating of a broad database of future customers and users of the presented services
  • Supporting a collaboration among the users and suppliers of learning solutions
  • Plenary lectures of invited speakers
  • Oral sessions
  • Dialog (poster) sessions
  • Videoconferencing and virtual presentations
  • Panel discussions
  • Exhibition and showcases
  • Politics of educational process in knowledge society
  • Platforms for consensus, comparison, evaluation, and development of politics of education
  • National and European Qualifications Framework
  • Revitalization of higher education and promotion of industry - university collaboration
  • Multinational educational, training, and youth partner programs
  • International projects of innovative teaching and learning
  • Educational structures over crossing country borders - international recognition of qualifications and comparability of qualifications
  • Sharing best practices on intercultural education
  • Education, Research and Globalization
  • Leadership and University Administration
  • Digital Divide and access to the Internet
  • ICT Skills
  • Evaluation of impact of high - speed networks and new generation Internet access on users
  • Experiences with building and operation of emerging broadband communication structures, in particular of high - speed internet for academic sphere
  • Presentations and verification of publicly oriented network applications and systems (e.g. multimedia applications, videoconferencing, IP streamings with elements of Quality of Services)
  • Architectures and design of distributed learning environments
  • Methodologies for www - based courses
  • Multimedia/hypermedia systems
  • Presentation and sharing of knowledge in the implementation and operation of eStrategy
  • Social Networking: Blogs, Wikis, …
  • Educational/Serious Games and Software
  • IT Services Management and Development
  • Security and Data Protection
  • Videos for Learning and Educational Multimedia
  • Animation and 3D Applications
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Learning and Teaching Innovations
  • Advanced classroom applications and technologies
  • m-Learning: mobile applications and technologies
  • Blended Learning and Flipped Classroom
  • e-Tutoring and e-Mentoring
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Building Virtual Communities
  • Agents and agent’s systems
  • Author environment and authoring tools
  • Interactive learning environments
  • Group-ware tools
  • Virtual reality and virtual eLearning infrastructures
  • Quality and efficiency of eLearning
  • Complex eLearning environments and solutions
  • Concepts and modeling of virtual infrastructures: eLearning, e-business, e-medicine, virtual laboratory, virtual university
  • mLearning: blending the web - based training and wireless eLearning
  • Management and engineering of eLearning systems
  • Standardization of eLearning objects
  • Intelligent tutoring
  • Perspectives in security and research
  • Digital Libraries and Repositories
  • User-Generated Content
  • Open Content
  • Learning Analytics
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Building Virtual Communities
  • Plagiarism and Intellectual Property Rights
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Training the e-Trainer
  • Online Assessment
  • Specific courses and designing solution in the countries and institutions
  • Institution - specific cases
  • Virtual universities and university portals
  • Trends in development of new communication technologies and services
  • eLearning and legislation
  • The sustainability of open access in news media and higher education, and the impact of massive open online courses (MOOCs)
  • New Experiences for Curriculum
  • Integration of cross-cultural studies
  • Generic skills and their development
  • Courses, Tutorials and Labs
  • Course management
  • Skill needs of Labour
  • Vocational training
  • Employability issues and trends
  • Language Learning Innovations
  • STEM Education Experiences
  • Pedagogical Methods and Innovations
  • Collaborative and Problem-based Learning
  • Game-based learning and Gamification
  • Academic Advising and Tutoring
  • Assessment of student learning
  • Examination Policies and Grading methods
  • Learning space design: Next generation classroom
  • New challenges for the Higher Education Area


Paper full version (min. 6 pages, for reviewing process) October 5, 2017
Notification about acceptance October 9, 2017
Final paper (final format for publishing in IEEE pproceedings) October 13, 2017
Last information and Final Program October 16, 2017


€ 325
Incl. access to the conference program, IEEE CD ROM proceedings, paper publication in IEEE conference proceedings and IEEE Xplore database, coffee breaks, lunches and welcome party
€ 275
Incl. access to the conference program, IEEE CD ROM proceedings, paper publication in IEEE conference proceedings and IEEE Xplore database, coffee breaks, lunches and welcome party
€ 275
Incl. access to the conference program, IEEE CD ROM proceedings, coffee breaks, lunches and welcome party
€ 125
Incl. access to the conference venue, coffee breaks, lunches and welcome party
Cancellation of registration: In case you need to cancel your participation at the conference, the cancellation must be sent in writing and sent to the Conference Secretariat by fax or e-mail. Refunding of the conference fees (to be returned to the participant) (as per mail stamp or date of your fax or e-mail messages) is not possible after October 1, 2017.
The Organizing committee will not provide participants with an invitation letter on the official form of the alien police for the EU visa purposes. The reason is that such official form assumes organizer (elfa, Ltd.), as the inviting institution, to take all the responsibilites (even financial) for the invited participants. Due to safety reasons, elfa, Ltd. cannot keep such responsibilities for purposes of the ICETA 2017 conference. We ask the registered participants from non-EU countries with a visa obligation to take this limitation into account seriously!


All papers must be presented either in oral session or in poster session. If a paper, included into the proceedings, fails to be presented any way at the conference, papers wont be published in IEEE Xplore database. Pay to publish is not allowed in IEEE.

Before final paper submission authors MUST use IEEE PDF eXpress ( to ensure that the paper is IEEE Xplore compatible. If the paper is not created totally similar to IEEE format and requirements, it will not be included into IEEE Xplore database after the conference. You can find detailed informaton about IEEE PDF eXpress verification process in this PDF.

Papers will be check within the context of plagiarity. If paper plagiarity exceeds 10 percent paper wont be added to conference program and proceedings. Please, check your plagiarity at


Sergey A. Belov

Cindy L. Bethel

Lubomir Bilsky

Lukas Bordak

Pawel Bulenda

Daniel W. Carruth

Anna Grabowska

Oto Hudec

Jozef Hvorecky

Tomáš Janotík

Gabriel Juhás

Pekka A. Kess

Bojan Lalić

Mário Lelovský

Dušan Meško

Tõnis Mets

Miroslav Michalko

Martina Miškovová

Ľudovít Molnár

Petra Poulova

Maria Teresa Restivo

Imre J. Rudas

Jozef Sekerák

Yuriy V. Seniuk

Ľubica Stuchlíková

Dušan Šveda

Jan Turna

Yang Fan



Kmeť StanislavTechnical University of Košice


Molnár ĽudovítSlovak University of Technology, Bratislava
Newman B. HarveyCalifornia Institute of Technology, Pasadena
Rudas ImreÓbuda University, Budapest
Slegers Jake C.American Chamber of Commerce, Bratislava


Jakab FrantišekTechnical University of Košice


Bauer PavolDelft University of Technology
Bauerová DanušeTechnical University, Ostrava
Behun MarcelTechnical University of Kosice
Berke JózsefJohn von Neumann Computer Society
Bieliková MáriaSlovak University of Technology, Bratislava
Billings JeffParadise Valley Unified School District, Phoenix, Arizona
Brestenská BeátaComenius University Bratislava
Chovanec MartinTechnical University of Kosice
Čičák PavolSlovak University of Technology, Bratislava
Čižmár AntonTechnical University of Kosice
Dado MilanUniversity of Žilina
Doboš ĽubomírTechnical University of Košice
Dolnák IvanUniversity of Žilina
Doroshenko AnatoliyInstitute of Software Systems of NASU, Kiev
Drozdová MatildaUniversity of Žilina
Feciľak PeterTechnical University of Kosice
Francisci CyrilThe Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications
Galgoci GabrielAT&T Bratislava
Genči JánTechnical University of Košice
Grabowska AnnaGdańsk University of Technology
Gramatová ElenaSlovak University of Technology, Bratislava
Hämäläinen TimoUniversity of Jyväskylä
Hán JanUniversity of West Bohemia in Pilsen
Hautamaki JariUniversity of Appl. Science
Hluchý LadislavSlovak Academy of Sciences, Institute of Informatics
Horváth PavolSANET - Slovak Academic Network, Bratislava
Huba MikulášSlovak University of Technology, Bratislava
Hvorecký JozefCity University of Seattle, Bratislava
Jelemenská KatarínaSlovak University of Technology, Bratislava
Juhár JozefTechnical University of Košice
Juhas GabrielSlovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Kess PekkaUniversity of Oulu
Klimo MartinUniversity of Žilina
Kocúr DušanTechnical university of Kosice
Korshunov AlexanderKalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University of the name M.T. Kalashnikov
Kotuliak IvanSlovak University of Technology
Kováčiková TatianaCOST Office, Brusel
Lavrin AntonTechnical University of Kosice
Lelovsky MarioSlovak IT Association Bratislava
Levický DušanTechnical University of Košice
Lumnitzer ErvinTechnical University of Kosice
Lustigová ZdenaCharles University in Prague
Malcik MartinUniversity of Ostrava
Mechlová ErikaUniversity of Ostrava
Meško DušanJessenius Faculty of Medicine, Martin
Michalko MiroslavTechnical University of Kosice
Modrak VladimirTechnical University of Kosice
Murín VladimírThe Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications
Mytnyk MykolaTernopil National Ivan Pul`uj Technical University
Nakano HiroshiKumamoto University
Nikitin YuryKalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University of the name M.T. Kalashnikov
Philippovich AndreyBauman Moscow State Technical University
Pietrikova AlenaTechnical University of Kosice
Pisutova KatarinaComenius University
Poulová PetraUniversity of Hradec Králové
Radács LászlóUniversity of Miskolc
Restivo Maria TeresaUniversity of Porto
Salem Abdel-Badeeh M.Ain Shams University of Cairo
Semanišin GabrielUniversity of Pavol Jozef Šafárik
Simonics IstvánObuda University, Budapest
Šimšík DušanTechnical University of Košice
Sinčák PeterTechnical University of Košice
Sobota BranislavTechnical University of Košice
Šorm MilanMendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno
Sovak PavolUniversity of Pavol Jozef Šafárik
Sperka MartinPan European University
Stopjakova VieraSlovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Strémy MaximiliánSlovak University of Technology in Bratislava - Advanced Technologies Research Institute – University Science Park CAMBO, Trnava
Stuchlikova LubicaSlovak University of Technology
Šveda DušanUPJŠ Košice
Szentirmai LászlóUniversity of Miskolc
Tapus NicolaeUniversity Politehnica of Bucharest
Turna JanSlovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information, Bratislava
Usawaga TsuyoshiKumamoto University
Vagan TerziyanUniversity of Jyvaskyla
Vokorokos LiberiosTechnical University of Košice
Weiss GabrielTechnical University of Kosice
White BeboSLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanford University
Žáková KatarínaSlovak University of Technology
Zolotová IvetaTechnical University of Košice


Jakab FrantišekTechnical University of Košice


Fejedelem Štefanelfa, s.r.o., KošiceConference Manager
Rakoci Františekelfa, s.r.o., KošiceWebmaster
Vyleťalová Gabrielaelfa, s.r.o., KošiceConference Manager
Zámečníková Ivetaelfa, s.r.o., KošiceFinance Chair


Asselman AmalAbdelmalek Essaadi University, Tetwan, MOROCCO
Bollin AndreasAlpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
Magdalena AndrzejewskaPedagogical University of Cracow
Daniel ArbetFEI STU
Frantisek BabicTechnická univerzita v Košiciach
Peter BalcoFaculty of Management, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia
Marcel BehúnTechnical University in Košice
Annamária BehúnováFVT TUKE
Cindy L. BethelMississippi State University
Zuzana BilanováTUKE
Lubomir BilskySlovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information
Miroslav BinasTechnical university of Kosice
Lukas BordakCisco
Dagmar CagáňováSlovenská Technická Univerzita v Bratislave, Materiálovotechnologická fakulta so sídlom v Trnave
Daniel CarruthMississippi State University
Eva ChovancováTechnická Univerzita v Košiciach
Martin ChovanecTechnická Univerzita v Košiciach
Pavel ČičákFIIT STU Bratislava
Anton ČižmárTechnical University in Košice
David CymbalakPCM NTI, CVTI SR
Aleš DeákTUKE
Ivan DolnákUniversity of Žilina
Petr DrašnarCzech Technical University in Prague Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Matilda DrozdovaUniversity of Zilina
Radoslav FasugaVŠB Tehnical University of Ostrava
František FoltánTREXIMA Bratislava, spol. s r.o.
Michal GregušFakulta Managementu UK
Viktória H. BakonyiELTE Faculty of Informatics
Mikuláš HubaSlovak Technical University
Oto HudecTechnical University of Košice, faculty of economics
Christopher HudsonCAVS
Zoltán IllésEötvös Loránd University
František JakabTechnical university of Kosice
Tomáš JanotíkProfesia, spol. s r.o.
Katarína JelemenskáFIIT STU Bratislava
Jozef JuhárTechnical University of Kosice
Ondrej KainzKPI FEI TUKE
Jana KasákováCentrum vedecko-technických informácií SR
Jana KirkHuawei Technologies (Slovak),s.r.o.
Martin KlimoŽilinská univerzita v Žilina
Gabriela KoľvekováTechnical University of Košice, Faculty of Economics
Jozef KostolnyUniversity of Zilina - FRI
Martin KováčSlovenská technická univerzita v Bratislave
Zuzana KubincováComenius University in Bratislava
Jan KudláčekCzech Technical University in Prague Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Ivan KuricUniverzity of Žilina Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Marek KvetZilinska univerzita v Ziline
Bojan LalicUniversity of Novi Sad
Jan LitvikUniversity of Žilina
Martin MalčíkVŠB-TUO
I.a. ManovTechnical University of Košice
Martin MartinkovicIBM International Services Centre s.r.o.
Peter MesárošFaculty of Civil Engineering, TUKE
Dušan MeškoComenius University in Bratislava
Alajos MészárosÓbuda University
Tõnis MetsUniversity of Tartu
Miroslav MichalkoTechnical University of Košice
Ľudovít MolnárInteres.Institute s. r. o.
Mário MolokáčFakulta BERG, TUKE
Marek MoravcikUniversity of Zilina
Marián MudrákUniverzita Konštantína Filozofa v Nitre
Martin NěmecVŠB Tehnical University of Ostrava
Stanislav OndášTechnical University of Košice
Jozef PapánFRI UNIZA
Lubica PechanovaMTF STU v Trnave
Katarina PisutovaUniverzita Komenskeho
Matus PlevaTechnical University of Kosice
Petra PoulovaUniversity of Hradec Králové
Jan RabcanUniversity of Zilina
Matej RakúsFEI STU
Imre J. RudasÓbuda University
Miroslav RuskoMateriálovotechnická fakulta STU
Patrik RusnakUniversity of Zilina
Pavel SegecUNIZA
Jozef SekerakUPJS v Kosiciach
Y. SeniukNational Science-Technological Association of Ukraine
Dusan SimsikTechnical University of Kosice
Peter SincakTU Kosice
Branislav SobotaKPI FEI TU Košice
Michal SovcikFakulta elektrotechniky a informatiky, Slovenska technicka univerzita v Bratislave
Anna StolińskaPedagogical University of Cracow
Viera StopjakováFEI STU
Maximilian StremyMTF STU in Trnava
Lubica StuchlíkováSlovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Institute of Electronics and Photonics, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Peter SzabóTechnical University of Košice/Department of Aviation Technical Studies
Tibor SzabóUniverzita Konštantína Filozofa v Nitre
Anikó SzakálÓbuda University
Dénes SzárazÓbuda University
Juraj TapakT-Systems Slovakia s.r.o.
Jan TurnaSlovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information
Roman VápeníkCNL TUKE
Liberios VokorokosTechnical University in Košice
Natália VraňakováSlovak University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Science and Technology
Kristina ZgodavovaTechnical University of Kosice, Faculty of Materials, Metallurgy and Recycling
Ľubomír ZlackýALEF NULA


Conference participants are responsible for making their own hotel arrangements. We recommend the accomodation in the conference venue.
Starý Smokovec
062 01 Vysoké Tatry
phone: +421 44 290 13 39
fax: +421 52 44 22 157
phone: +421 52 47 80 000
fax: +421 52 44 22 157

Accommodation promocode: ELFA



The official currency in Slovakia is the Euro – EUR.


The Organizing Committee does not accept any liability or responsibility for death, illness or injury to persons or for the loss of, or damage to property or for any financial loss of any person attending the Conference. Participants should make their own arrangements in respects of health and travel insurance.

Post services

The nearest post office is 2 km from the Conference venue, in Tatranska Lomnica.

Credit cards

Visa and MasterCard are the most widely accepted credit cards. The hotels at the conference venue accept payments by credit card. The nearest ATMs are in the cities Poprad, Starý Smokovec, and Tatranska Lomnica.


Smoking in the Conference building is not allowed.

Climate and Weather

In October the weather is getting really cold, foggy and humid. Average temperatures are about 0-2 degrees of Celsius.


The High Tatras Mountains, the pearl of the Slovak countryside, extend over the north of the country. The peaks rise steeply over Liptov, Poprad ans Spiš basin. The main ridge is 26 km long and more than twenty peaks are higher than 2500 m above the sea level. Although its total area is only 260 km2 a very characteristic Alpine world exists there. There are 32 Tatra valleys, all of glacial origin and in most of them there is at least one tarn, called "pleso". It greatly enhances the charm of the wild rocky valleys.

The mountain range is divided into eastern (the High Tatras) and western sections (the West Tatras). The tallest peak is Gerlach, spiking to a summit at 2655 meters above sea level.

The High Tatras offers many facilities for individual tours into valleys, to mountain chalets and peaks along well-marked paths. Good footwear and warm clothes with raincoats are required. There are three main tourist centres in the High Tatras: Starý Smokovec, Tatranská Lomnica, and Štrbské pleso. Each season of the year in the Tatras has its particular spell but autumn, when the conference will be held, is the most delightful season when the weather usually is stable.

Complete information on wide Tatry region

The region of the High Tatras

The High Tatras - Online Guide

Towns and villages close to the High Tatras

Town of the High Tatras

Town Poprad




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